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BSc (Hons), MSc, Dip LLT., Cert Ed.

Member World Association of Laser Therapy since 1996


Light Therapy UK was created by Clinician and International Training Consultant and specialist in photo therapy, Steven Warren, to educate both healthcare practitioners as well as members of the general public about the bio-positive effects of light therapy in the treatment and prevention of a number of medical and cosmetic conditions.

Steven Warren has lectured to doctors and healthcare professionals in hospitals and universities as well as appeared in front of the general public at events in over thirty countries worldwide.

Under Steven's direction Light Therapy UK educates beauty and healthcare practitioners as well as the general public and sells award winning, patented and guaranteed Photo Medicine technology for both home and practice use.

Steven's Background

Steven Warren is a specialist in treating patients in chronic pain management both in the British National Health Service as well as in Private Practice. Steven has worked in the development of this area of clinical practice since 1984 by training medical healthcare staff as well as educating the general public.

BSc (Hons) neuroscience, MSc (Hons) Clinical Psychology, Dipl LLT, Dip Couns, FBPS, Cert Ed., Dip Analytical Psychotherapy.


In 1995 the use of low power laser therapy was brought to Steven's attention and he began investigating the claims which practitioners and manufacturers made in relation to pain management (one of Steven's specialist clinical areas since 1984). After seeing positive results in a selected number of patients Steven went on to train in low power laser therapy and opened a clinic offering such services.

Laser and Light Therapy was extensively studied in Russia which is the leading country for phototherapy research and development. From 1996 to 2003 Steven worked at The Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg, Russia with both medical and research doctors and his colleague Professor Kira Somoliva, Head of The Institute of Cytology at The Russian Academy of Sciences.

In 1998 whilst attending The World Association of Laser Therapy (WALT)Conference Steven was approached by an International Director of BIOPTRON AG who introduced him to an additional phototherapy system which uses the safe non-ultraviolet range of light wavelengths and so can be used both by patients to treatment themselves as well as medical staff who are not qualified in low power laser therapy.


The whole of this websites written content can be shared by audio. Please follow the link to Steven Warren's PODCAST page to select and listen to a growing index of audio recordings.

Steven Warren has nearly four decades working in health related fields and was former Chairman of an international medical company marketing the services of doctors and hospitals offering advanced medical treatment. You can read more about Steven and his consultancy practice started in 1988 on the following website www.consultstevenwarren.co.uk


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