BIOPTRON WINNER of Anti-Ageing Trophy for Best Energy Based Device, Paris - 2014


The most effective medical Light Therapy system for noninvasive therapy of various medical conditions, prevention and anti-ageing beauty treatments, with no side effects.





Dr Alain Beguin Skin Test Institute C/O Intercosmetica. Neutachatel Switzerland and Dr Stefano Vortsis General Practitioner Specialist in Reconstructive and Cosmetic Plastic surgery Milano – Italy



Millions of people from around the world are turning to BIOPTRON for a non-invasive cosmetic light therapy procedure to enjoy a more youthful appearance. The Swiss-made BIOPTRON has been voted the number one Anti-Aging device at the Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine European Congress in Paris.

Several international medical experts have presented the effects of BIOPTRON light therapy in Anti-Aging conferences in London, Paris, Monte-Carlo, Warsaw, and Bucharest demonstrating that BIOPTRON’s penetrating polarized light is clinically proven to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, elasticity, and uneven skin tone - resulting in healthy, youthful skin.

Clinical research has demonstrated that BIOPTRON has a positive stimulating effect on specific cells in the skin known as fibroblasts, which results in the production of collagen and elastin. Safe and non-invasive treatment with BIOPTRON for only ten minutes per day reduces wrinkles, without any side effects.


Until now, the benefits of BIOPTRON could only be achieved with a series of salon or clinic treatments. But now you can visibly restore the natural luminosity of your entire face, reduce discoloration, improve skin texture and smooth hard to treat wrinkles – from the comfort of your own home. You will see unprecedented results after using BIOPTRON for just ten minutes per day as the penetrating beams of light continuously re-­build collagen beneath the skin’s surface. BIOPTRON’s high technology can be combined with cosmetic creams for even greater microcirculation and a firmer, brighter look in as little as two weeks.




Professionals from all over the world select BIOPTRON Pro 1 and BIOPTRON 2 for use in beauty and Anti-Aging clinics. Dr. Christian Deperdu, dermatologist and Anti-Aging treatment specialist of Beausoleil, France;
Dr. Bogdan Dimitrie Niculae, President of the Romanian Anti-Aging Association and Chief Dermatologist at Lasermed Clinics;
Dr. Jasmina Lalosevic of Belgrade, Serbia, founder of AestheticMed Anti-Aging clinics, and
Dr. Urszula Hura, Owner of Hura Medical Centre, Poland, have all confirmed the effectiveness and the ease of use of BIOPTRON light therapy with various popular Anti-Aging procedures. These include using the revolutionary light therapy device after mesotherapy and hyalurone acid fillers, PRP lifting, face lifting with mesonites, after peels and laser procedures, and even as a complementary therapy in hair treatments and post hair transplantation. Please read a selection of professional opinions from independent Anti-Aging medical experts below.

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BIOPTRON Light Therapy stimulates faster skin healing without pain and scarring (1-4)

The light spectrum provided by BIOPTRON Light Therapy triggers a range of beneficial processes in the skin:

- Increases microcirculation - 590 nm and 840 nm wavelengths stimulates the formation of new blood vessels; 990 nm wavelengths encourages peripheral vasodilatation, which can improve skin blood flow. (2)

- Increases cell activity - 633/640 nm wavelengths promotes the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP - an energy transfer molecule in cells; increased cell activity promotes skin repair and regeneration, reducing the appearance of fine lines.

- Increases skin hydration - 590 nm wavelength helps the skin retain water and maintain elasticity (3)

- Accelerates collagen and elastin synthesis - 660 nm wavelength stimulates fibroblasts to increase collagen production, which helps to tighten and thicken skin and reduce the signs of ageing (4)

- Increases tissue repair rate - 830 nm light stimulates mastocytes to release proteins involved in tissue repair (4)

- Boosts the immune system - wavelengths greater than 400 nm penetrate epidermal and dermal layers of the skin and interact with lymphocytes to promote skin defense and repair processes (5/9)

- Regenerates and firms skin for a visibly younger-looking appearance - wavelengths of 525 nm target and eventually eliminates melanosomes (the melanin-containing parts of skin cells). This process helps restore and even skin complexion.

Natural rejuvenating power

BIOPTRON Light Therapy effectively reverses the major signs of skin aging and enhances the effects of cosmetic products and procedures

- Decreases fine lines and skin wrinkles by promoting collagen and elastin production

- Rejuvenates and improves rough surface texture for a glowing smooth skin

- Fights dullness for a radiant complexion

- Helps improve skin thickness

- Brings back the shine, tones the skin and strengthens the hair follicles

Stage One - as we age, we produce less collagen which results in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles due to thin, dry skin

Stage Two - BIOPTRON Light Therapy penetrates deep into the dermis layer, stimulating fibroblast cells which produce collagen

Stage Three - New collagen moves to the surface of the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles

Stage Four - The increase in collagen production smoothes the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

BIOPTRON Light Therapy can be used to enhance the benefits of other anti-ageing & Cosmetic Treatments (14)

BIOPTRON Light Therapy has a strongly synergistic effect when used in combination with other medical anti-ageing treatments including:

- Mesotherapy

- Biorevitalisation

- Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, BOTOX ® & collagen injections

- PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy

- Mesothreads & suspension threads

- Invasive peels

- Rollers

BIOPTRON supports anti-ageing procedures in two main ways:

- The broad light spectrum of BIOPTRON helps eliminate any redness, swelling and haematomas from the skin in the post procedure phase

- When used with other anti-ageing products BIOPTRON assures the full absorption and penetration into he skin of the product used


Improve the effect of cosmetic creams by using them in combination with BIOPTRON anti-ageing light (10 minutes daily). It's an easy, effective way to achieve healthy, glowing skin, BIOPTRON anti-ageing light is suitable for men and for women of any age, regardless of skin type.


BIOPTRON Light Therapy reverses the signs of aging when used in combination with a regime of nappage (skin stimulation), PRP therapy and linear and soft filling


After BIOPTRON Light Therapy in combination with mesotherapy gave a reduction in crows' feet wrinkles.


BIOPTRON Light Therapy with soft filling reduced dark circles under the eyes.

An independent study investigated the penetration of moisture into the skin by a 1- minute BIOPTRON Light Therapy application,a acting on a cosmetically active moisturising ingredient, in nine health volunteers (3)

This Cosmetic Boosting Effect of BIOPTRON Light:

- reduces the necessary time for an active ingredient (such as moisturiser) to be absorbed by the skin

- allows an active skin cosmetic ingredient to develop its own properties within a much shorter time after the application to the skin

Scientific tests performed on Zepter skin care products showed strong evidence of a perfect synergy with BIOPTRON Light, as their active ingredients help to:

- boost collagen synthesis (bio-mimetic peptides)

- improve water balance of the skin (pure hyaluronic acid)

- reinforce the natural skin defense (echinacea extract)

- stimulate microcirculation (Malt extract)

- soothe irritated skin and protect cells from inflammatory stress (madecassoside, siegesbeckia orientalis)

Reduces Dandruff and Hair Shredding

BIOPTRON Light Therapy stimulates the immune system and stabilises the production of keratinocytes, minimizing the occurrence of scaly, flaky scalp patches and eliminating dryness of the scalp.

In a study enrolling patients concerned by either dandruff and dryness, or dull hair (n=5) the use of BIOPTRON Light Therapy plus Zepter Haircare treatment products for 2 months, resulted in a visible reduction in dandruff (4/5 patients), and improved hair radiance (2/5 patients). two months of BIOPTRON Light Therapy for 10 minutes daily, in combination with Zepter Haircare treatment products, led to a 60% reduction in hair shredding (10.11)

Reduction in dandruff and improvement of hair radiance. High resolution photographs made with Visioface ®

Prevents and treats Acne

BIOPTRON decreases inflammation, improves immunological factors related to acne and prevents scarring. (1) Furthermore, BIOPTRON blue light wavelengths have been clinically proven to kill acne-causing P. acnes bacteria, clearing existing blemishes and preventing future outbreaks. There is no physical contact between the treated area and BIOPTRON making it a comfortable, painless treatment that can be used alone or combined effectively with other therapies for rapid, and long-lasting results.










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