The colour VIOLET has the shortest wavelength while RED has the longest wavelength.

Beyond Violet lays the ultraviolet wavelength which, although invisible to the human eye, can pass through the skin. Ultraviolet provides us with a suntan and also is known to kill bacteria on the skin surface.

The longest wavelength at the other range on the spectrum is red.

Red, Orange and Yellow are made up of longer wavelengths which reach the eye fast than colour on the other side of the spectrum. These colours are termed warm colours which we associate with fire and sunshine.

Green, Blue and Violet are seen as cool colours. They travel in shorter wavelengths and seem to take longer to reach our eyes. Such colours conjure up in our mind images of sea and rives, the sky and the winter dawn. These colours are also termed receding colours, because of the longer period of time their energy takes to reach our eyes.

Each warm colour has its complementary cool colour:

Red - Blue :      Orange -Indigo :      Yellow -Violet :

Green -Red (magenta).






The primary colours

RED acitavetes. vitalizes, dynamizes, intesfies, releases energy blocked deep down within the system, gives a boost to processes that have been stagnating, sluggish and reduced, strengthens the senses.

BLUE soothes, inhibits, focuses, cools down, collects and structures energy, re-regulates hyperactive and inflammatory processes, brings serenity and clarity.

YELLOW fortifies, tones, opens, brightens, stimulates without exciting, extends energy, reinforces weak processes, loosens overly rigid structures, stregnthens the nerves.

The complementary colours

GREEN equalizes, relaxes, calms down, leeps physical and mental energy dynamically balanced, releases tensed-up, painful processes, brings profound serentiy.

ORANGE restores, animates, warms, stiulates, works more gently than red, building up energy step by step, unlocks deadlocked processes, cheers up.

VIOLET inspires, attenuates, reduces, transforms energy on a high level, suppoorts metnal processes, relaxes the nerves, soothes nervous irritations, relieves pain.

INDIGO purifies the blood stream, helps to stop bleeding, colling and assrignet, assists in all nervous ailments, treating nasal diseases, asthma, convulsions, whooping cough.




The BIOPTRON Colour Therapy Set consists of 7 coloured filters.

The seven colour filters are

The filters are hand-made in a French Factory.




The BIOPTRON Bioinformation on pressure points and Chakra Colour Light Therapy Set consis of 7 coloured glass filters and 3 bioinformed therapeutic cosmetic products which work together to enhance any colour therapy session. The seven coloured glass filters consist of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

They are all made in a very particluar way so that their properties are as close as possible tot hsoe of the natural sources of bioinformation.

Besides being handmade with all the skill and care, the glass and cosmetic products are enriched with bioinformation. Using biophysical menthods and devices, the Zurich based Intittute for Bioinformation has been developing highly structured regenerative information patterns for years. These patterns are obtained from plants, prescious stones, metals, trace elements as well as inert gases, fermenting substances and others.

5 programmes in 14 treatment schedules for self-help: Gentle - Rapid - Efficient

Energy Reserves
  • Lack of drive - Bad coentration and poor memory - Restoring inner harmony
Power of Resistance
  • Supporting your power of resistance
Inner Well-Being
  • Inner balance - The Vital Spark - Relaxing to relieve fear - Unblocking to relieve stress - A good nights sleep
  • Discharging and purging - Digestion
Skin and Body Tissues
  • Facial or body skin problems - Heavy feeling legs and feet - Looking good


The bioinformed therapeutic cosmetic products

Due to the high quality active plant principles and bioinformed volatile essences of these preparations, they not only support BIOPTRON Colour Light Therapy, but are an essential part of its effectiveness. Additionally, they can be used for general daily cosmetic application.

Light Fluid

Light Fluid optimally prepares and supports each step of the treatment by:

  • assisting the implementation of light and colour spectra on the skin
  • cleaning the skin using biodegradable plant sufacants (corn, coconut, palm kernel)
  • calming and fortifying
  • relaxing skin and body tissues
  • regulating perspiratory glands

Balancing Gel

Balancing Gel acts in an extremely relaxing, refreshing and restorative manner by:

  • activating the energy flow
  • removing metabolic products
  • strengthening the blood vessels
  • unwinding
  • vitalilsing
  • storing energy reserves in skin and body tissues
  • increasing the power of resistance

Crystal Cream

Crystal Cream stimulates and replenishes both your skin and mind by:

  • nourishing and regenerating skin cells
  • reliving tensions
  • mobilizing mental powers
  • sensitizing the sensory capabilities of the skin


The BIOPTRON Chakra Colour Light Therapy consists of seven coloured glass filters which correspond to the seven colours of the sunlight spectural range and simultaneously to the seven chakras, the energy centres in our body.

Besides the red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet, it uses indigo colour. This set is intended to for use with the BIOPTRON Pro 1.

Note: The BIOPTRON Colour Light Therapy is intended for applications according to the general literature for colour therapy healing and well-being. BIOPTRON Colour Light Therapy is a Wellness therapy.


The system consists of 7 coloured filters which correspond to the seven colour of sunlight and simultaneously to the seven chakra,
the energy centres of our body.

Besides RED : ORANGE : YELLOW : GREEN : BLUE : VIOLET the system uses the colour INDIGO



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Bioptron Medall

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Bioptron Pro 1

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Bioptron Medall Colour Therapy Set

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Bioptron PRO 1 Colour Therapy Set

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