What is the BIOPTRON Light Therapy System

Is a light therapy system which is used by people at home and healthcare practitioners. It can be used to treat a variety of conditions and is based on ongoing scientific and clinical research.

  Are there different devices?

Yes. In order to assure the best-fitting solution for every need, BLT range of products includes three different types of devices. They differ in size and design, but emit light with the same physical and technical characteristics. The filter diameter varies from :

5 cm (BIOPTRON MedAll)

11cm (BIOPTRON Pro 1)

15 cm (BIOPTRON 2).

  Do the devices come with different stands?

Yes, BIOPTRON Pro 1 is available either with a table stand or with a floor stand.

For BIOPTRON MedAll and for BIOPTRON 2 we recommend one of the optional available floor stands.

The selection of different stands not only allows for a more comfortable treatment but it also allows you to treat areas of the body, which would be difficult to reach otherwise.

  Are BIOPTRON Light Therapy devices certified and approved?

Yes, they are approved as medical devices in compliance with 93/42/EEC (the European Community directive for all medical products and devices produced in the EU).

  BIOPTRON Light has biostimulative effects. What does this mean?

BIOPTRON Light stimulates reparative and regenerative processes, as well as the body's defense-system.

It acts in a natural way by supporting the regenerative capacity of the body and therefore helps the body to release its own healing potential.

When aplied to the skin it stimulates light sensitive intracellular structures and biomolecules in the body. This initiates a cellular chain reactions and triggers secondary responses which are not onlu limited to the treated skin area but also involves the whole body.

BIOPTRON Light Therapy can help to:

Improve microcirculation

Reinforce the defence system in our body

stimulate regenerative and repair processes throughout the whole of our body

Promote wound healing

Releive pain or decrease its intensity

The Unique Technology of the BIOPTRON Light Therapy Systems

When the light is absorbed by our body it produces a series of biological responses. Different tissues and cells in the body have unique light absorption characteristics which determine which wavelengths or light are produced and absorbed by the body to provide a given theraputic effect.

Each cell in the area treated will absorb light at specific wavelengths. All the different wavelengths affect different tissues and cells in the body. This is why the BIOPTRON Light Therapy Systems has combined several wavelengths in one unit.

BIOPTRON Light uses a combination of low infrared and visible light wavelengths that have been shown to benefit the treatment of different types of conditons and injuries.

From extensive scientific research it is known how both visible and infrared light affects different positive changes at a cellular level. There is no one single mechanism of action but a combination of processes involved in BIOPTRON Light Therapy.

BIOPTRON Light Therapy - User Friendly and Effective Therapy

BIOPTRON technology is now widely accepted and used in medicine as a unser friendly, effective medical device. In over 20 years of clinical research worldwide it has been shown to be supportive in the conservative management of acute and chronic injouries as well as post operative wounds.

BIOPTRON Advantages

Wide range of applications

Application in professional and home settings

Easy to use (no special skills needed)

Safe and non invasive

Short treatment times

Painless treatment

No UV radiation

No known negative side effects

Cost effective

Relaxing and calming treatment experience

Swiss Made to high standards


  When can I use BIOPTRON Light Therapy devices?

Because of the ease and safety in use the various devices can be used to effectively treat a wide range of both medical, cosmetic as well as be included in a broad selection of wellness programmes.

  In pain treatment what kind of pain conditions can BIOPTRON Light Therapy treat?

From rheumatology, physiotherapy through to sports related injuries.

  How should I use BIOPTRON Light Therapy?

Every one of the three devices includes detailed instructions for use.

  What is the duration of a therapy session and how often can BIOPTRON Light Therapy be used?

One session takes between 4 to 10 minutes once or twice a day depending on the condition being treated. The duration of an entire course of treatment depends on a number of factors according to the condition treated. Here on the Light Therapy UK Steven Warren has provided more information on use and you can read more here

  Are the devices easy to use?

Yes, all of the BIOPTRON devices are both user-friendly and easy to maintain.

  How should the treatment area be prepared before a therapy session?

The area to be treated should be clean. When treating open wounds any bandages or plasters or topical medications should be removed. Regular cleaning of the wound should be completed before applying the BIOPTRON Light Therapy (in the cases of clinical cases then wound preparation should be carried out under the supervision of a health care practitioner such as nurse or doctor).

  Should I place the device at a set distance and position?

Yes, the device being used should be placed at an angle of 90 degrees and at a distance of 10 cm (4 inches) from the skin.

  Does BIOPTRON Light Therapy devices have any harmful side effects?

BIOPTRON Light Therapy has been used in clinical and home settings for more than 20 years and no harmful side effects have ever been reported or recorded in over thousands of treatments carried out.


  What are the characteristics of BIOPTRON Light?

All BIOPTRON Light Therapy Systems are composed of the key beneficial therapeutic elements:

Polarization - this means that waves move on parallel plane and with the BIOPTRON Light Therapy systems the degree of polarization are approximately 95%

Polychromatic light - which means that the light contains not only one wavelength as in laser light but a wide range of beneficial wavelengths including visible light and a totally safe part of the low infrared range.

Incoherency - which means that BIOPTRON Light Therapy uses incoherent or out-of-phase light so that the light waves are no synchronized.

Low Energy -

  What is the wavelengths of BIOPTRON Light?

The wavelengths extend from 480nanometers to 3400 nanometers (nm) which has been proven from scientific research to be a clinically effective range from the visible to infrared electromagnetic spectrum of light.

  Does BIOPTRON Light contain ultraviolet rays?

No, BIOPTRON Light has no UV rays and therefore it is absolutely safe.

  What is the difference between sunlight and BIOPTRON Light?

In contrast to natural sunlight the technically synthesized BIOPTRON Light provides light therapy with controllable and therefore reproducible parameters. This means that only the therapeutic and thereby non harmful wavelengths are used.


  How long is the guarantee period for BIOPTRON Light Therapy devices?

According to Zepter high quality policy and commitment, BIOPTRON LIGHT THERAPY devices have 5 year warranty.
*BIOPTRON LIGHT source (halogen bulb) has 2 year warranty.

  Are there Service and Repair Centres for the devices?

Yes, all repairs are to be carried out only by BIOPTRON Service and Repair Centres. Please contact your local distributor for the address in your country.

email us at


Filter diameter approx.
BIOPTRON MedAll       5cm
BIOPTRON 2              15cm
Power supply
BIOPTRON MedAll      100-240V ~. 50/60Hz
BIOPTRON Pro 1         100-240V ~. 50/60Hz
BIOPTRON 2                100-240V ~. 50/60Hz
Power consumption
BIOPTRON MedAll                          0.29-0.12   A
BIOPTRON Pro 1                                        90 VA
BIOPTRON 2                                         1.4-1.0  A
BIOPTRON MedAll                                              -
BIOPTRON Pro 1                                                -
BIOPTRON 2                                       12A/250V
Rated power of halogen
BIOPTRON MedAll                                     20 W
BIOPTRON Pro 1                                       50 W
BIOPTRON 2                                              90 W
Protective class
BIOPTRON MedAll                      Class II IP 20
BIOPTRON Pro 1                         Class II IP 20
BIOPTRON 2                                Class I. IP 20
BIOPTRON MedAll                                  0.5 kg
BIOPTRON Pro 1 (with table stand)      3.4 kg
BIOPTRON Pro 1 (with floor stand)       7.8 kg
BIOPTRON 2                                           4.3 kg
Ambient temperatures
Operation       +10 degree C to + 30 degree C
Storage             +0 degree C to + 40 degree C
Wavelength                            480nm - 3400 nm
Degree of polarization    >95% (590-1550 nm)
Light intensity                            min. 10,000 lux
Specific power density            av. 40 mW/cm2
Light energy per minute       av. 2.4 Koule/cm2
CE labelling                                           CE 124


The BIOPTRON Light Therapy systems are designed to deliver 10,000 lux which allows short treatment times and can be used when you are working or even relaxing watching television.

Many people ask if they can wear glasses or contact lenses and the answer is 'Yes if they are clear'. Sunglasses or photo-sensitive or tinted lenses WILL reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. This is because less light will reach important receptors at the back of the eye. Also FALLING ASLEEP during a light therapy session decreases the benefit from light therapy.

Certain medications can cause photosensitivity

Some medication, such as isotretinoin and topical retinoids, can cause the skin to react with light so if you are taking medication that may have this type of side effect (erferred to as photosensitivity) please consultant your doctor before using BIOPTRON Light Therapy.

Phototherapy combined with other Acne treatments

Phototherapy can be stand alone skin care treatment however people taking medication such as roaccutane should consult their GP or dermatologist.

Light therapy is clinically proven to be an effective treatment for MODERATE acne where the blue wavelengths kill the bacteria which cause acne and the red wavelengths reduces inflammation and heals the skin.

Dr Tony Chu, a consultant dermatologist at Hammersmith Hospital here in the UK and founder of the Acne Support Group, found that patients with moderate acne reported a 76% improbvement in inflammation after 12 weeks of blue and red light therapy with a 58% improvement in number of spots.

Dr Chu is concerned about the increasing use of antibiotics and steroids for treating acne and sees light therapy as a safe and effective alternative.





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