With Dr. Jean-Francois Marc, Specialist In Rheumatology, Roanne, France and Dr. Gabor Pavlik, Sports Physician, Semmelweis University Faculty of P.E. and Sports Sciences (TF), Budapest, Hungary

Pain is the unpleasant sensation associated with actual or potential injury. Pain occurring after tissue injury has a protective role, alerting the body to damage and inducing rest to allow tissue regeneration. In chronic persistent pain this physiological function may be compromised. The pathophysiology of pain involves alteration of pain-transmission pathways. Knowledge of the normal physiology of these pathways is essential to understanding the mechanisms of both acute and chronic pain (16)

Do you experience muscular back pain on the upper or lower back? Do you have arthritic pain on several areas of your body (e.g. legs, shoulders, neck, back, arms)? If you need to relieve and manage musculoskeletal pain or stiffness of joints then BIOPTRON is the solution for you.

Clinically proven and certified for the medical treatment of pain, BIOPTRON polarized light therapy penetrates deep into the tissue accelerating healing, radically reducing inflammation and promoting blood circulation.

Pain does not need to be part of your everyday life. BIOPTRON Light Therapy relieves pain effectively and safely from arthritis, low back pain, upper back and neck pain, sports injuries and other ailments. Feel better with just ten minutes of BIOPTRON Light Therapy treatment per day. 100% safe for all skin types, with no known side-effects, BIOPTRON’s lightweight handheld design easily targets sore spots.

Rheumatoid arthritis (chronic)
Low back pain
Shoulder and neck pain
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Scar tissue
Musculoskeletal injuries
Muscle spasm
Ligament and muscle tears

Professor Sergiy Gular's Pain Management Opinion

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Pain Relief and Sports Injuries

With Dr Michael McNamara



Thanks to the ability of BIOPTRON Light Therapy to penetrate into tissue it is a suitable treatment for use in Rheumatology, Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy. It has been reported that significant pain reduction in chronic pain conditions (rheumatoid arthritis, shoulder and neck pain) has been achieved.

In all these instances light therapy can help relieve pain and improve function. Very good result's have been achieved in combination with standard treatment methods. BIOPTRON Light Therapy is ideally suited as a complementary treatment in rehabilitation. Combined with standard massage and physiotherapy procedures it can be successfully used as an integral part of procedures for sports injuries, ankle and knee injuries, shoulder and elbow problems along with stretched tendons and bruises.

Musculoskeletal pain can be caused by inflammation, degeneration or trauma to skeletal or myofacial tissues. Recent research in the field showed that BIOPTRON Light Therapy could be used to provide temporary relief of minor chronic and shoulder pain.

BIOPTRON Light Therapy can be used as a stand alone therapy of combined with other treatment approaches in the treatment of:

Rheumatism - osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and arthroses

Physiotherapy - in treating low back pain, shoulder and neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, scar tissue and musculoskeletal injuries

Sports Medicine - soft tissue injuries to muscles, tendons and ligaments - muscle spasm, sprains, strains, tendonitis, ligament and muscle tears, dislocations, contusions and tennis elbow

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Phototherapy can be an effective treatment for reliving pain and improving the quality of life for patients with rheumatoid arthritis (19, 20)

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic disease with persistent inflammation or of joints causing breakdown of cartilage's bone erosion and resulting permanent joint deformity.

In specialist centres BIOPTRON Light Therapy has become part of the standard therapy programme. In additional BIOPTRON Light Therapy has been used for patient use at home.

BIOPTRON Light Therapy helps to:

- Receive pain and decrease intensity

- Strengthen muscles and increase body motion

- Increasing walking distance and speed

- Improve quality of sleep


Back shoulder and neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, scar tissue and musculoskeletal injuries.

Back pain is one of the most common conditions resulting in stopping people from enjoying a normal life as well as costs to business with millions of lost working days.

BIOPTRON Light Therapy is a powerful therapeutic tool in the treatment of back pain (15)

BIOPTRON Light Therapy helps to:

- Relieve pain and muscle tightness

- Improve blood flow to tissues

- Reduce swelling

- Speed up regenerative processes

BIOPTRON Light Therapy is also an integral part of both physical therapy and rehabilitation programmes.


The success of light therapy pain management is due to a number of mechanisms, one of which may through its positive effect on chondrocyte proliferation and matrix's synthesis. Also, significant stimulatory effect on fibroblast action and enhanced connective tissue repair have been noted in extensive research. These effects are related to the biostimulative effect of light therapy at the cellular level. Normalisation of microcirculation and speed of nerve transmission have been reported to interrupt the vicious circle in relation to the origin and development of both acute and chronic pain.




- Bring relief to aching muscles

- Soothe muscle and joint pain

- Increase the range of active and passive movements of joints

- Allow faster recovery from muscular and joint pain

- Support the treatment of painful sports injuries such as tendon problems, muscle problems, contusions, dislocations, strain, sprains, abrasions and bruises

- Actively reduce inflammation and swelling

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BIOPTRON Medical Light Therapy is clinically proven to reduce pain through the following mechanisms:

1. The polarized light reduces inflammation caused by injuries, degenerative diseases or autoimmune diseases;
2. BIOPTRON reduces swelling, haematomas and muscle spasms;
3. It improves microcirculation;
4. The light induces natural pain-killing chemicals;
5. BIOPTRON reduces pain transmission by direct action on peripheral nerves.
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Independent Clinical Study Conclusion: "Nocturnal pain and paraesthesia associated with idiopathic carpal tunnel syndrome improved during polarized polychromatic noncoherent light (Bioptron Light) treatment". Pictured is legendary footballer Mr. Dragan Džajic treating his Carpal Tunnel condition with BIOPTRON.


Dr. Miroslav Gašpar, (pictured below), is a specialist in physiotherapy, balneology and medical rehabilitation. He believes BIOPTRON Medical Light Therapy can treat acute to chronic injuries and confirms that in the field of physiotherapy, balneology, medical rehabilitation and pain management, BIOPTRON can treat virtually any diagnosis. "The most treated injuries are musculoskeletal disorders, which include degenerative processes of joints, acute and chronic pains of tendons and tendon insertions and rheumatic diseases. It is literally an epidemic of spine diseases, for which we also use light therapy. In our clinic we treat a large group of injuries and neurological diseases. Treatment of inflammation leads to treatment and relief of pain and at the same time bio-stimulating effect results in significantly faster wound healing due to increased production of collagen", Dr. Gašpar said.


For better performance, fast healing of injuries and a quicker return to sporting activities, choose BIOPTRON Light Therapy. Clinically proven, BIOPTRON penetrates deep into the tissue accelerating healing, radically reducing inflammation and promoting blood circulation. Just like many of the players in the World Ice Hockey Championships 2017, put BIOPTRON MedAll in your sports bag today. Shop now online for a fantastic discount:


Manage musculoskeletal pain or stiffness of joints with BIOPTRON Light Therapy.


Swiss-made BIOPTRON is proudly manufactured by Zepter, a sponsor of the European Artistic Gymnastics Championships held in the Romanian northwestern city of Cluj-Napoca. BIOPTRON is a non-invasive, non-drug light therapy treatment that stimulates the body’s own healing mechanisms via molecular signaling, circulatory modulation, tissue regeneration and the all important inflammation reduction. For more information simply email


Clinically proven and certified for the medical treatment of low back pain, BIOPTRON polarized light therapy penetrates deep into the tissue accelerating healing, radically reducing inflammation and promoting blood circulation.



Pictured is renowned opera singer Zoran Todorovich, a German tenor of Serbian origin. He has what is referred to as lateral epicondylitis, (tennis elbow), a painful condition brought on by overuse. Zoran uses BIOPTRON MedAll on a daily basis to boost his immune system and to treat his elbow condition.



Formula 1 star Max Verstappen can become the youngest ever World Champion in 2017. The record for F1's youngest champion is currently held by Sebastian Vettel, who was 23 when he won the 2010 title. Dutchman Verstappen, (19), is pictured being presented with a BIOPTRON MedAll Light Therapy medical device and the trophy “From the race to the road” presented by Confartigianato Motori, sponsored by Zepter.



'Deer Hunter' actor John Savage is pictured in Zepter Hotel, Belgrade, Serbia, treating his Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis with BIOPTRON Medical Light Therapy. Ask our experts for advice on how the award-winning polarized light from Switzerland can help you. Get your free consultation now by emailing

This is the BIOPTRON treatment suite in Monte Carlo, where we are working on a complex ankle fracture and legacy knee issue derived from motor sports injuries. The polarized light in BIOPTRON is a world-leader in accelerated healing and dealing with post fracture pain. For more information please visit

Are you taking medication to treat pain? There is an endless list of medications used to treat or reduce the symptoms of pain, most of which have negative side effects. Discover the 100% safe healing power of polarized light today. The Swiss-made medical patented light therapy system BIOPTRON is clinically proven to treat and reduce chronic pain, neck & back pain, arthritis and reduce inflammation.



TENDONITIS, Patient Testimonial
The 49-year-old male patient, (pictured), was treated by Johan Vertongen, Physical Therapist, President Royal Doctors Monaco and COO Royal Doctors International.
Pathology: Tendonitis was present in the left achilles tendon. Patient suffered from pain in extension and mobilization in general, along with painful palpation
Number of BIOPTRON Medical Light Treatments: 15, (5 per week)
Results: Two days after his last BIOPTRON treatment session, the patient participated in a triathlon, and the weekend after he ran the Cannes/Nice marathon.



Polarized light from BIOPTRON promotes and accelerates chronic wound healing (e.g. LEG ULCERS, BED SORES, NON-HEALING WOUNDS) through the stimulation and modulation of reparative and regenerative processes, anti-inflammatory effects, and by enhancing various processes of the human defence (immune) system. BIOPTRON is essential for Post-Operative wounds, surgical incisions and bruising after surgery or traumatic Injuries - cuts and bruises after trauma, accidents. Find out more about BIOPTRON's power to heal wounds fast here



The renowned healthcare exhibition Slovmedica and Non-Handicap has selected BIOPTRON Light Therapy as the number one medical device for the disabled. A judging panel comprising leading medical doctors awarded BIOPTRON the top honour due to the technology's ability to offer daily care for disabled people in the sphere's of pain, wound healing, skin disorders, seasonal affective disorder and other indications.




Monaco Olympic triathlete and Ironman competitor Hervé Banti, (pictured), trusts BIOPTRON Medical Light Therapy for sports injury treatment and prevention. Hervé recovered from a stress fracture in the pelvic skeleton after his sports doctor used BIOPTRON for ten sessions of 20 minutes (one session per day) together with manual hands-on treatment to treat the fracture. The professional athlete said: "I am convinced that this natural medical light therapy treatment gave me relief from pain and accelerated the healing process much faster without anti-inflammatory medications. This means I could restart my everyday training a lot quicker. I am now using BIOPTRON at home to prevent sports injuries".



Then you need BIOPTRON Medical Light Therapy in your corner for accelerated scar healing and restoration of muscle power. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) - the ligament that connects the femur to the tibia and provides the overwhelming majority of the knee’s stability - is the most commonly injured knee ligament in sports. Just ask Ristic Srdjan, (pictured below), Serbian International VolleyBall player. Srdjan tore his ACL in 2014: "After the operation, I had a big scar, haematoma and was very painful. I started using BIOPTRON 10 minutes in the morning and with the indigo colour filter 10 minutes in the evening directly on the painful area. BIOPTRON accelerated the resolution of the haematoma, and accelerated scar repair. There was also restoration of function and recovery of muscle power. I continue to use BIOPTRON every day for prevention and have found that I have suffered far fewer injuries since using it".



We continue our Olympic theme and are delighted to bring you the story of Serbian middle distance runner Vera Nikolic, who competed at the 1968 and 1972 Olympics, (World Record 800m, July 1968). After a long career in sports and many beautiful memories, Vera has begun to feel the adverse effects of strenuous training. She said: "I had a problem with back pain, which was getting worse every year. I heard about BIOPTRON medical light therapy from a friend and on his recommendation, I decided to try this method of treatment. After only a few treatments, I felt relief, and the back pain completely disappeared in time. I would recommend it to everyone, not only to athletes – everyone should have BIOPTRON at home, because you never know what health problems may occur". We have enclosed a superb Olympic image of Vera from the history archives! Simply EMAIL us today if you have any questions about managing, preventing sports injuries or if you are seeking higher performance in amateur or professional sport.



Roman Volák from Slovakia, (pictured above), is World Champion in EIGHT international associations of martial arts, (karate, kickboxing, kung-fu, kempo). Roman uses BIOPTRON medical light therapy mainly for preventing and accelerating the healing of injuries, as well as using the revolutionary device to support his immune system. "I also use BIOPTRON to relieve stress and strengthen my psychic. Four days of constant concentration can be very exhausting and BIOPTRON gets your strength back. How did it help? Well, I won," Roman said. If you are an amateur or professional sports person seeking higher performance or want to better manage and prevent sports injuries,



Elite athletes are using the power of BIOPTRON Medical Light Therapy in their training protocol and preparation for the RIO Olympics. One of the greatest World Champions and Olympians of all time is Ukranian Pole Vaulter Sergey Bubka, (pictured below), who explains why light therapy is so important for sports stars: "We use the healing power of BIOPTRON in my athletics school for treating sports injuries and promoting higher achievement". Simply EMAIL us today if you have any questions about managing, preventing sports injuries or if you are seeking higher performance in amateur or professional sport.

French Olympic medalist and 100 metre sprinter Véronique Mang knows the value of BIOPTRON Medical Light Therapy. The track and field star is heading to the RIO Olympics in perfect physical shape. Back in 2014, Véronique had tendonitis in the Achilles tendon but successfully treated her injury with BIOPTRON. Her light therapy treatment cycle is revealed in her insightful review here: "My injury required a period of 3 months and it's an established fact that BIOPTRON has changed the game for me. I was really impressed. With the intensive physiotherapy of CERS, Saint Raphael, (where I had already started to use BIOPTRON), along with the full body cryotherapy, massage, and using BIOPTRON at my house for 10 minutes these last 15 days in the morning, noon, and night, this finalized my healing!". Best wishes for your THIRD OLYMPICS Véronique from all the team at BIOPTRON - You Can Do It!








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