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K Laser Blue

The first world wide blue laser for both surgery and therapy applications.

K-Laser Blue is a tree wavelength device that mainly uses the 445nm wavelength. Unlike all other infra-red lasers, K-Laser is not based on water absorption but rather on the absorption of melanin and haemoglobin. The 445nm wavelength is combined with 660nm and 970nm wavelengths since they support superficial and deep tissue biostimulation.

K-Laser Blue advantages

- Three-wavelength device: 445nm, 660nm and 970nm

- Haemoglobin, melanin and water absorption based

- Multifunctional system and portable device

- Reduction of thermal damage

- Antiseptic and biostimulating properties

- No maintenance and low cost consumables

K-Laser Blue applications

- Dermatological and Vascular Surgery

- Dermatological Treatments

- Pain and Dermatological Therapy




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First Blue Laser in the world
For both Surgery and Therapy

First blue laser in the world with 3 wavelengths for surgery and therapy
K-Laser Blue Derma is a three-wavelength device that mainly exploits the 445nm one wavelength.

Unlike all other infra-red laser, K-Laser is not based on water absorption but rather on the absorption of melanin and haemoglobin. This feature allows obtaining accessing many advantages in the surgical field. Thanks to its higher energy coefficient, compared to infra-red laser, it has increased antiseptic and biostimulating properties.

The 445 nm wavelength is combined with 660 nm and 970 nm ones wavelengths since they support superficial and deep tissue biostimulation.
ADVANTAGES: no maintenance, low cost of consumption material and maximum safety. All surgical components can be sterilised.


445 nm > The 445 nm wavelength interacts with the molecules at systemic level and is absorbed by both haemoglobin and melanin much better than with infra-red laser. The blue wavelength is also effective on numerous bacterial strains, thus exploiting its antiseptic properties and achieving excellent results in tissues incision, both for surgical and vascular purposes. it is also useful in treating diabetic ulcers and bedsores.
660 nm > The 660 nm wavelength can transfer an optimal dosage of energy to the tissue. this energy is thus stored at cellular level with subsequent increase in both bacterial proliferation and metabolism. thus, it allows obtaining remarkable results in the healing of wounds, diabetic and vascular ulcers.
970 nm > The 970 nm wavelength is absorbed by the water contained in our body: most of such energy is turned into heat. The deep layers of tissues thus become localised heat points able to generate temperature gradients at cellular level and to stimulate the local microcirculation thanks to the oxygen supply provided by this wavelength.


EFFECTIVE in both Surgery and Therapy


In the Therapeutic field, K-Laser Blue Derma uses several pulse frequencies through dynamic stages in order to produce a combination of : analgesia, reduction of inflammation, biostimulation and antisepsis.

In surgery, the three wavelengths can be combined, thus increasing the effectiveness of surgical incisions as well as haemostatic, biostimulating and antiseptic effects.


Advanced Technology

K-Laser Blue Derma intuitive software is quick and accurate and easily guides the physician in all the treatments available.

The parameters that determine each stage of the treatment, such as wavelength, energy, time, power and frequency, are automatically managed in an accurate and meticulous way, despite leaving the operator free to easily create new personalised protocols.


New source of energy

Within the electromagnetic spectrum and among the non-ionising radiations, the blue wavelength is the most powerful in terms of energy; this translates into several benefits for the treated tissues.




K-Laser Blue Derma is characterised by an interface that allows choosing from several treatment, thus ensuring unprecedented accuracy of incisions in the surgical field.
The "Blue" 445 nm wavelength can also be combined with the infra-red 970 nm one, thus making for a better ablative effect (DISB) or increased biostimulating properties (ISB). These two modalities are K-Laser patents and make for a unique and exclusive surgical performance.




K-Laser Blue Derma intuitive software operates following more dynamic stages. Therefore, it allows modulating the parameters of the selected programme, such as wavelength, frequency, energy and power. Using only one device, this feature guarantees a wide range of highly efficient medical applications, through tissue repair and a reinforced immune system.


Excellence and maximum Performance in Surgery

K-Laser Blue Derma, compared to surgical devices that use infra-red wavelengths, uses the blue light, thus ensuring high-level surgical performance, thanks to the reduction of thermal damage and to its peculiar interaction with haemoglobin. Thanks to these features, it guarantees increased cutting effectiveness, much higher than the one obtained with infra-red lasers, and the complete absence of water absorption helps drastically reduce the overheating of the surrounding tissues.

K-Laser Blue Derma guarantees ideal visibility of the operative area thanks to immediate haemostasis. In contact surgery, the use of special sterialisible fibres prevent possible cross-infections while guaranteeing a clean and bloodless operative area.



Clinical studies

K-Laser Blue Derma can be used effectively to treat skin injuries and imperfections thanks to its high technology that consists of several interchangeable hand-pieces and thanks to its dynamic software that allows choosing from numerous application fields.
Clinical results are the basis of the effectiveness of K-Laser treatments in Surgery:

Dermatological Surgery


Clinical studies

Vascular surgery



K-Laser Dynamic Therapy

Effects on metabolic processes


Effectiveness and benefits of Pain Therapy

K-Laser Dynamic Therapy is an excellent multidisciplinary therapy

K-Laser Dynamic therapy uses several pulse frequencies to produce a combination of analgesia, inflation reduction, biostimulation and antimicrobial effects, thus accelerating the regeneration of tissues and increasing the energy available to cells.

Cells can thus absorb nutrients more quickly as well as eliminate waste substances. As a result of the exposition (exposure) to laser light, the cells that constitute (Compose) tendons, ligaments and muscles are repaired more quickly.

K-Laser Dynamic Therapy has antidemics effects because it produces vasodilatation and because it activates the lymphatic drainage system; this results in reduction in swelling).

Clinical studies in Pain Therapy
Optimum effectiveness in : Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Traumatology and Post-Surgery Therapy

K-Laser experience acquired in analgesic therapy relates to several both severe and chronic inflammatory and pain conditions.
The painful conditions that are mainly treated are the ones involving the cervical and lumbar spine, the one of the shoulder, the elbow, the wrist, the hand, the hip, the knee and the foot. In Traumatology and Rehabilitation, it is used to treat tibio-trasus sprain, muscle contusion and tears, tendinitis and inflammation of ligaments.

Anti-inflammatory effect
K-Laser therapy has a beneficial effect on pain receptors since it increases their threshold and releases endorphins.
Pain is also reduced thanks to the anti-inflammatory and anti-oedema effect.
An example of this is the treatment of hallux valgus, where pain and inflammation are managed effectively.

Oedema and congestion
K-Laser therapy has an anti-oedema effect because it reduces vasodilatation and because it activates the lymphatic drainage system (draining the oedematous areas). Thus, swelling cause by traumas and/or inflammation is reduced.

Clinical studies in Dermatological Therapy

K-Laser therapy significantly increases the formation of new capillaries, thus accelerating the healing process of damaged tissues, healing wounds and reducing the damaged area. In addition, benefits include angiogenesis increase, which causes vessels to dilate temporarily with the augmentation of the blood vessels diameter. the increased supply of blood in the damaged area facilitates healing and reduces pain.

Diabetic foot

K-Laser therapy increases the productio of specific enzymes for the transport of oxygen, thereby facilitating the repair and the regeneration of damaged tissues.


Diabetic ulcer affects cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues and is not likely to heal spontaneously. Diabetic ulcers affecting the foot are not easy to treat and often need invasive and painful treatments as well as careful assessment in terms of angiology and hystopathology.

K-Laser therapy can be very useful due to its ability to act on tissue biostimulation thereby increasing the natural healing process.




In dermatological therapy excellent results are obtained for the following conditions:

onychomychosis, heel spines, tendinitus, plantar facitis and metatarsalgia.


K- Laser therapy initially guarantees a reduction of the inflammation and, afterwards, the eradication of the fungus infection with complete disinfection of the treated area.


Tissue injuries





K-Laser has chosen to use semiconductors due to their advantages comparied to the other technologies available in the market. This makes K-Laser the brand of the most reliable, compact devices in the world.


Technical file


K-Laser Blue Derma has been designed in compliance with directives 93/42/EEC and 2007/47/CE relating to medical products.

Accordig to the legislation the K-Laser Blue Derma is classified as follows:


Integrated semiconductor laser module
Laser system
Class IV (compliant with IEC 60825-1
Product class
Class IIb (compliant with directive 93/42/EEC)
Wavelength (nm)
445nm +- 5nm; 660 nm +- 10nm;
970 nm +- 15nm
Overall power (W)
Emission Mode
CW (continious emission), pulsed, modality IBS, modality DISB
Protection of liquids penetration
Unity: IP20; pedal (non-waterproof cover); IPX5 (Complaint with CEI EN 60601-1)
Installation class
Class II, type B
(complaint with CEI EN 60601-1)
Steering beam
660 nm +- 10 nm, max 1mW
12.46 m max
Laser Activation
wireless pedal
Power supply
Rechargeable battery and external power supply 100-240 VAC, 47 - 63Hz
Full colour, LCD touchscreen
Interchangeable sterilisable handpiece in special metal
200 um Multiuse sterilizable
1300 g (including the handpiece and the rechargeable battery)





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