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Nurse discovers laser light solution for pain
Theatre Nurse and Arthritis sufferer,, Cynthia Robert, has been struggling with severe knee pain for over a year. It was beginning to take a heavy toll on her quality of life --- then a work colleague recommended Proback. . . Kerryn Ramm reports

For Theatre nurse Cynthia Roberts, from London, severe knee pain had affected her quality of life for over a year.

"I was diagnosed with arthritis and had a couple of injections in my knee. After the second once I started to get shooting pains along my outer leg and it all worsened from there. . .

"I couldn't walk any long distance or go up and down stairs, as it would become really tight. I had tried acupuncture, which helped a little at first, but the pain was just getting worse and worse.

Then one day at work, one of my colleagues seemed to have a similar problem. I asked her about it and she told me that as soon as she started coming to Proback she had improved enough to return to work.

I can sit on the bus with my legs together or at a table without finding means to stretch my leg out. I'm very happy with the progress."

I'm not a depressive person, but if you get to that stage where if you walk from here to there and you have to stop as its very painful or if you have to take a lot of painkillers just to go out, that just wasn't e. I was getting depressed."

Cynthia decided to book a consultation at Proback Clinics and was recommended an initial course of laser therapy in order to help with pain levels.

The K Laser at Proback Clinics uses infrared light to stimulate healing by sending a large amount of energy into damaged tissues over a short period of time.

The treatment is completely painless, safe and non-invasive, which enables the tissues to heal, reliving you of your pain and discomfort.

Laser therapy has been clinically proven to reduce pain (1), speed healing times (2) and high overall quality of life (3).

Cynthia happily testifies to the success she has found with the Proback treatment.

"Before, I was unable to sit with both knees together - I always had to keep one outstretched. After the second treatment, I was able to sit - I thought "This is excellent!"
I can sit on the bus with my legs together or at a table without having to find the means to stretch my leg out. I'm very happy with the progress."

Another satisfied customer!

Exams available now. Was £220. NOW ONLY £60, including X-rays (if req'd) and results. Call Proback Victoria on 020 7976 6648, London city on 020 3940 1969 or Surbiton on 020 8335 5445.
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